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20 Ways to Support your Favorite Author | Blogger | Social Media Account without Spending a Dime

Simple ways to support your favorite author, blogger or Social Media Account without spending a dime.

This week I'll be in New York City at Book Expo, the largest book "trade show" of the year.

It's the place to be - to see and be seen!

Authors, publishers, librarians, retailers and others in the book industry gather to network, learn and celebrate the world of books. 

Authors like Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Elin Hilderbrand, Jan Brett and Brad Meltzer will be in attendance.I'm super excited to be going and possibly meeting some of these luminaries of the author world!

So to recognize the honor of attending BEA with my publisher The Quarto Group, I though this blog post was apropos.

I'm sure you all know that writing a blog, maintaining a Facebook page, Instagram feed and Twitter account and even writing books doesn't necessarily earn a person a living.

Some do it as a hobby or on the side, while others do it as their full-time job. And trust me, keeping up with social media does become a 24/7 responsibility!

So at some point those of us who persevere and keep at it have to make money doing it.

Of course, we would love if you all bought our books (signed copies are even better!), pre-ordered each new book as it is announced (that's a huge way to show an author's publisher the demand for new books) and purchased all the products that we sell on Etsy, but did you know that there are several ways that you can support your favorite author | blogger | Facebook page without it costing you a single dime?

Supporting An Author

Buy Used Books

There's no need to shell out $20 or more in order to support your favorite authors.

Did you know that you can buy used books on Amazon? Sometimes for $1 or less.

The author doesn't get any royalties on that purchase because technically they have been paid the first time the books was sold, but it does take a used copy off the market, forcing the next buyer to purchase a new book.

Add Books to your Wish List

Amazon not only keeps "bestseller" lists, but also "most wished for" lists. By adding your favorite authors books to your Amazon Wish List, that helps those books rise in the ranking.

You can leave them on your Wish List indefinitely - or until your birthday or other special occasion rolls around and someone buys you a copy.

My husband actually loves shopping from my Amazon Wish List (you can choose to make your wish list public or private). Makes it easy for him and he knows I'll be thrilled with my gifts!

Leave an Online Review 

Reviews translate into more sales for an author. Consider leaving a quick review for a book you've enjoyed on one of the major book sites - Amazon.comBarnes & Noble or Goodreads.

And while you're there, read some of the other reviews and mark those you enjoyed reading as "helpful".

Write a Review

If you have a blog of your own, why not request a review copy of books you want to read?

Many publishers are happy to send out a complimentary copy of a book in exchange for a posted review.

Don't have a blog? Consider giving away a copy on your own social media platform.

Take Books out of the Library

If you absolutely don't want to buy a book, then request it from your local library.

Library sales of books add up and the more times a book is checked out, the more copies a library might keep on hand.

Tell Your Friends
If you enjoyed a book you've read, tell your friends. 
Ask for the Book at your Local Store
Asking your local bookstore, garden center or feed store manager if they would consider stocking the book. Manager have told me that often they find out about new books from their customers.
Share on Social Media 

If you see a book you've enjoyed on the shelf in-store, snap a photo and post it on your social media...

Rearrange the Shelf a Bit

And before you leave the store, be sure to turn the book face-out and position it on the shelf at eye level - front and center.

(that's my favorite "trick" that I guarantee every author does when they stumble across their book in a bookstore!)

Give a Book as a Gift
Need a Mother's Day, holiday or teacher's gift? Consider giving a book by your favorite author.

Personally signed copies of books make exceptionally personal and welcome gifts.

Attend Events

Many authors do book signings, speak at fairs and attend other events all around the country. If there's an event local (or even "local-ish") to you, jump in the car and go!

It's a great opportunity to meet your favorites face to face and have the chance to get a book (or napkin, egg, hand or random scrap of paper) signed and ask questions in person.

My books - in case you actually do want to buy a copy! 

Supporting a Blogger

Let's face it, blogging can be a thankless chore if a blogger is spending their time writing but no one is reading. You can easily support your favorite blogger just by visiting their site.

Click the Link

Did you know that many bloggers earn money each time someone clicks on a link to an article? Sure, it's pennies, really fractions of pennies, but those fractions add up over time.

So the next time your favorite blogger shares an article on Facebook or Twitter, click on the link.

Doesn't matter if you read the whole article, although spending some time on the site and actually scrolling, clicking and reading is helpful! But just clicking the link supports that blogger.

Share the Link

Even better than clicking the link is sharing the link. The more people who see the blog post, the better.

So hit that "share" button on Facebook, or retweet the link on Twitter. Pin your favorite articles on Pinterest.

Doesn't take any time, or cost you any money, but you're helping that blogger's article be seen by more eyes.

Share the Site

If you see a question on social media and happen to know there's an article that your favorite blogger has written about it, share the link to it.

Share their site in general with those you might have an interest. 

Subscribe or Follow 

And of course, following your favorite bloggers on Bloglovin' or subscribing to their newsletter is important as well.

And also free!

Support their Sponsors

For those bloggers who work with sponsor companies, that's who is actually pay the blogger's bills and allowing that blogger to provide you with free entertainment and advice on social media.

As a thank you, be sure to support the sponsors.

If it's a toss-up as to which brand of chicken feed, treats,  first aid items, coops or garden supplies to purchase, why not use the brand your favorite blogger recommends

Responsible bloggers only work with top brands because it's their reputation on the line if they promote shoddy products.

So trust in what your favorite bloggers recommend. That shows the sponsor that it's in their best interest to continue working with that blogger.

And that's how the bills get paid and the free entertainment keeps coming!

Use their Amazon Affiliate Link

Most bloggers have an Amazon affiliate account, meaning that if you click on a link to Amazon from their site, they will receive a portion of that purchase at no additional cost to you. 

That link will take you to your regular amazon account, and you'll pay the same prices.

So it's a great way to support a blogger when you make purchases you would be making anyway.

Some bloggers actually have a customized storefront set up with products they think their readers will like. Another great way to support your favorite blogger.

In other cases, maybe your favorite blogger has just launched their own line of products (wink,wink!) on Amazon. Obviously buying those helps out that blogger as well.

Supporting a Social Media Influencer

Like or Follow

It's easy to support your favorite Facebook page, Instagram feed or Twitter account.

Even if you never use a particular platform but have an account, be sure you're following your favorites there too. After all, much of social media is a numbers game and if you can give a like or follow, even on platforms you're not active on, it's still a like or follow. 

Interact Regularly

And on the platforms you do use regularly, all you have to do is interact.

Like, comment and share.

On a regular basis. Be visible and active.

That not only ensures that you will continue to see posts and photos from that page, but also did you know that it's those little hearts, and likes and sweet comments that keep us going as content creators.

There's nothing like positive reinforcement and knowing that someone is seeing (and enjoying!) what you're doing.

In the spirit of sharing, please come join me:

Turn on your TV

And lastly,  don't forget to watch my TV show!

All the previous episodes are available streaming online on YouTube (it also airs on NEWS CENTER MAINE on Sunday mornings at 11:30am). It's a lot of fun to make - and I think it's also a lot of fun to watch! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and Fresh Eggs Daily over the last decade!  It's because of your support that I can continue to do (and love!) what I do!

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