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My Week in California - Chickens in Tutus!

One of the best parts of my job and what I do...and the thing I love the most honestly.... is being able to reach so many people, both on social media and off, and try to get them excited about raising chickens.

This week, I was in California appearing on several morning news shows talking about raising chickens and promoting my new book 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks.

So this week, instead of sharing photos from our farm, since I wasn't there anyway, I would share some behind the scenes photos from my segments, along with the links to watch each segment, in case you weren't able to watch them live on television. This was "chicken tv" at its finest, let me tell you!

Everyone loved the chickens! Since they were going to be on TV in Hollywood, I decided that glamming them up a bit by putting a few in tutus was apropos (plus it's one of the fun projects from my book!), and for one segment, the chickens even had their nails painted.  On my part, I got hair and makeup and lots of waiting in Green Rooms (which aren't necessarily green, by the way!)

I'm so excited that backyard chickens are slowly being acknowledged and featured in the mainstream media, and I'm even more excited that I'm being asked to represent them! My natural chicken keeping message is so important, and I am thrilled to be able to reach so many new people with that message.

Thanks to KTLA, The CW San Diego, and Fox 5 News for inviting me to come on and share my enthusiasm about backyard chickens! And thank you to Anita, Saundra and Cindy for providing the chicken "doubles" to use for the segments. The chickens were all gorgeous and extremely well-behaved...well, for the most part! 

Enjoy this peek at my fun and exciting week in Los Angeles and San Diego, Caifornia.

Backyard to Table - The Freshest Eggs Ever  

CLICK to Watch the Segment on KTLA

Backyard to Table: Tips for Bountiful Urban Farming and Gardening

CLICK to Watch the Segment on the CW San Diego 

Learn Chicken Keeping 101

CLICK to Watch the Segment on Fox 5 News

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my week.  And don't forget to follow me on Instagram - there are so many more photos there from my trip!

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