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How to Install Lights Outside your Coop with NO Electricity

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Having lights out front on your chicken coop is not only pretty, but functional. Here's how to light your coop - with NO electricity needed.

Several weeks ago, I figured out how to install lights inside my chicken coop without having any electricity to the coop. You can read all about it here. Well I liked how it worked so much that I decided to also install lights outside on the front of my coop.

They not only look super pretty, but are practical for the times I need to check on things after dark. Just like the indoor coop lights, these work with no electricity and cost just about $50. 

You could use outdoor lighting, but since there's no electricity actually involved, I chose some farmhouse lights meant for outdoor porch areas (covered I assume), but they are working just fine.

How to Install Lights Outside your Coop with NO Electricity

Using the same technique that I did for the indoor lights, I superglued a battery-operated puck light to each fixture and then screwed them to the front of my coop - one above each window (I included the links to all the products I used below).

I love how they look at dusk as I'm getting ready to lock up the girls and can't wait to see how the coop looks in the winter with snow on the ground!

I only wish the remote were strong enough to work from the house! I might have to do some legwork and see if I can find a different product that will allow me to turn the lights on and off right from the back porch! I'll keep you posted....

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