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Chicken Treat Holiday Gift Mix in a Mason Jar

Layer colorful seeds, nuts and grains in a mason jar for the most festive gift for chicken keepers and birdwatchers.

Taking inspiration from the cake and cookie gift mixes in mason jars that are all over Pinterest and Instagram, these cute jars with layered chicken treat ingredients would make the perfect gift for any chicken keeper or even your favorite bird watcher.

Layering a variety of brightly colored seeds, nuts, grains and dried fruits in a large mason jar is a pretty presentation for the holidays. Dressing up the jar with some scrap material and a piece of ribbon is just the icing on the cake. 

Raid your closet for a shirt you no longer wear, or head to your local second hand store. You can make loads of jars out of just one shirt!

Choose a variety of the following:

Sunflower seeds, unshelled
Sunflower seeds, shelled
Pumpkin seeds
Unsalted peanuts
Dried split peas
Cracked corn
Oats, rolled or steel cut
Safflower seeds

Quart Mason Jars
Piece of plaid ribbon
Scrap of plaid fabric

Carefully layer the seeds, nuts and grains in a large quart mason jar.  Next, position the center of the jar lid on the fabric and trace around the edge, leaving a 1/2" overlap.

Cut out the circle and then lay the lid on top. Place in the ring part of the lid, then screw the lid onto the jar.

Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around the neck of the jar with a gift tag for the recipient.  Happy holidays!

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