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10 Reasons to Ferment Chicken Feed

Fermented feed provides numerous benefits for chickens and ducks. Here are some compelling reasons why you need to be fermenting your chicken feed.

Fermenting your chicken feed is simple to do and provides numerous health benefits to chickens. Plus, because it's more nutritional than unfermented feed, your chickens will eat less which will save you money in the long run.

Whole or cracked grain feeds ferment better than crumble or pelleted feeds and you can even ferment scratch grains or individual seeds and grains as a treat.

Here are ten compelling reasons why you need to be fermenting your chicken feed.

10 Reasons to Ferment Chicken Feed

1. Fermentation creates probiotics (the so-called "good" bacteria) that improves digestive system and gut health.

2. Fermentation makes feed easier for your chickens to digest. 

3. Eating fermented feed will lead to stronger immune system health in your flock. 

4. Fermentation increases the protein levels in the feed which is especially beneficial during the molt. 

5. Fermentation introduces vitamins into the feed including Vitamins B, C and K.

6. Fermentation increases the nutrient absorption by the body. 

7. Chickens eating fermented feed will lay larger eggs with thicker shells. 

8. Eating fermented feed results in greater liquid intake which is especially beneficial when it's hot. 

9. Because of the increased vitamins and nutrients in fermented feed, your chickens will eat less - up to 20% less - saving you money. But the most important reason why you should be fermenting your chicken feed is: 

10. Because your chickens will absolutely love it!

Step by Step Instructions Here:

Learn How to Ferment Your Chicken Feed

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