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Welcome to my Farm | My Trip to Vermont


This week I headed over to Vermont to a couple of Blue Seal feed stores and dealerships for spring chick days events. As always when I travel, it was so much fun meeting so many of you face to face and to be able to help so many new people get excited about raising chickens! 

It's maple syrup season right now in New England and we saw countless sugar shacks with steam and smoke coming out the tops, and of course all the buckets on the maple trees. People were skiing over on Loon Mountain, and if we had stopped to take photos of every cow, sheep and mini pony we saw, we never would have gotten home! 

There was a lot more snow in Vermont than we even have here in Maine, but the weather was pretty nice overall. We ate some great pizza at Hired Hand Brewing Co. in Vergennes ... can you say pear and blue cheese drizzled with maple syrup? ... and I was excited to be handed a little package of Vermont-made Cabot Cheese when we checked in to the Hilton

I really enjoyed my trip to Vermont even though we didn't have time to stop to take a tour of Ben and Jerry's or wander through the Gardeners Supply flagship store, so those will both have to wait until next time. And lastly I just have to say that whoever is selling all the Barn Red paint to Vermonter farmers is making a mint! 

I returned to Maine last night to find most of our snow gone, and the winds whipping. But the sun is getting stronger and I think I might even have seen some little sprouts of green grass starting to peek out and a few spring bulbs poking through the soil. 

Enjoy this peek at my week! 

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