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Welcome to my Farm | New Chicks and Ducklings!

Whew! This week we had a lot of excitement going on here on our farm!

Not only did we welcome new baby chicks and duckings, but we had a really special visitor.

New Ducklings and Chicks!

Early one morning,  Kara from Meyer Hatchery arrived with a box of baby chicks for us! It certainly was a special delivery!

Earlier, two boxes of baby ducklings had arrived through the mail at our post office from Meyer Hatchery and Cackle Hatchery.

So now we're the proud owners of six new chicks and twelve ducklings.

We got:


2 Blue Copper Marans
2 Splash Marans
2 White Sultans


6 Anconas
2 Cayugas
2 Blue Runners
2 Fawn Runners

Filming Day!

And of course because enough wasn't already going on at our farm, the film crew arrived to shoot the new episode of Welcome to my Farm!

It will be all about baby chicks, and I can promise you, they got some adorable footage of our new Littles!

So take a peek at everything that we had going on this week!

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