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Build a Better Life for your Chickens!

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Build a better life for your chickens. DIY Chicken Keeping Projects from Fresh Eggs Daily for chickens and the people who love them.

Build a better life for your chickens! 

My new book DIY Chicken Keeping from Fresh Eggs Daily will show you how! Even if you've never picked up a tool in your life!


Join Lisa Steele, chicken keeper extraordinaire and founder of Fresh Eggs Daily, to learn how to build just about everything you might need for your coop, run, or farmhouse kitchen. 

Whether you're a DIY novice looking for an easy win or a more experienced builder looking for chicken-specific projects, you've come to the right place! 

The chapters are packed with a variety of chicken keeping projects for chickens and the people who love them, covering every skill level:

The Basics: Lisa will tell you what tools you absolutely need, the ins and outs of pallets, and a few special skills, like how to transfer lettered designs to wood.

Quick and Easy Projects: Get started with projects that take minutes or hours, not days! From a decorative cutting board coop sign and paned window coop mirror to more functional projects like a clothespin herb drying rack and dropping board, you're sure to find the right starter project. 

Handy Projects: Ready to take on a slightly more challenging build? Try the removable coop ladder roost, boot tree stand, feed dolly, chick-sized jungle gym, or chicken-proof herb garden.

Pallet Projects: What's better than DIY projects? DIY projects made from free wood! Use pallets in all forms (whole, partial, and boards) for the projects in this chapter. Make a coop tool holder, chick roosting bar, swinging bench, feeding station, coop shutters, compost bin, and so much more.

Weekend Projects: More time doesn't necessarily mean frustrating or too difficult. The ambitious, yet easy-to-follow, projects in this chapter include a sliding barn coop door, a-frame integration pen, and a roadside egg stand.

No matter what you need for the coop—or what your chickens might want you to build first!—you're sure to have fun as you create a coop and run that's the envy of your neighbor's flock.

Not ready to order? Why not add a copy to your Amazon Wish List? Maybe a family member will buy it for you as a gift! 

DIY Chicken Keeping from Fresh Eggs Daily: 
40+ Projects for the Coop, Run, Brooder, and More!

Paperback, 160 pages

Also available from Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.
Available for worldwide from The Book Depository.

And my other books are all also available at bookstores nationwide!

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