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Our New Arrivals | Baby Geese!

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This week we welcomed a trio of goslings  (baby geese) to our farm!

Summer is in full swing as we experienced temperatures into the mid-80s this past week, which is about as hot as it usually gets here in Maine. 

But without central air, and having to rely mostly on just ceiling fans, shaded areas outside and cold beverages, that kind of heat to more than enough for me! 

But despite the heat, it was kind of nice this week to have a respite from traveling, working on my book, filming and a couple of other things that generally take up the majority of my time. 

I could have kicked back and just relaxed, but instead...

I built new roosts for our coop.

I made gnocchi for the first time ever (so easy and delicious!)

I harvested our first radish crop and did some half-hearted weeding in the garden (I absolutely HATE weeding which brings me to my next bit of news....)

And ... [drum roll, please] we welcomed a trio of goslings - or baby geese - to our farm!

Our New Arrivals | Baby Geese!

I'm so excited. I've wanted geese for awhile now and finally convinced my husband that we needed them. 

So having read a couple of books on raising geese and having talked to several friends who raise geese, I had already settled on the French Toulouse breed for their larger size, calm demeanor, friendliness and appearance.

I was lucky enough to be able to get them delivered to our post office from Metzer Farms in California on Wednesday morning and we love them already! 

That was also the absolute end of getting anything productive done around here, as we became immediately enamored watching the goslings, teaching them which weeds to eat and getting them to imprint on us as they follow us around the yard. 

The geese will have their own house filled with nice straw, separate from the chickens and ducks. They will be so big, I don't want any unintentional trampling incidents. 

So please welcome Henri, Sophie and Claudette to our farm.  See how beautiful they are all grown up.

And be sure to join me on Instagram for more adorable baby photos and cute stories/videos! Lots to celebrate this summer.

2022 Update: We found out the hard way just how aggressive ganders can be during mating season, so after being literally run out of our own backyard, we found Henri and Sophie a home on a nearby farm. And that next summer, Claudette hatched Harper, a female Buff duck. They have since become besties!  

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