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Clothespin Herb Drying Rack

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This simple DIY Clothespin Herb Drying Rack would look nice not only in your chicken coop but also your kitchen!

Flies are a nuisance and they carry disease. Of course you can't spray chemical insect sprays in and around your coop, so natural pest repellents are your best bet.

This simple rack made from a scrap piece of wood is the perfect size to mount above your chicken coop roosting bars or nesting boxes.

Deck it out with some pest-repelling herbs to help with fly control and if your chickens decide to nibble on them, that's okay, too! 

I grow a lot of herbs, which means that I dry a lot of herbs. Herbs love being pinched and trimmed all through the growing season, so I find myself with bunches of herbs all the time. 

Insect-Repelling Herbs

Some of the best insect-repelling herbs include:

Bay Leaves
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena

The drying rack is pretty cute. I think it would look nice not only in your coop, but in your pantry, sunroom or even your kitchen! 

And it would make a thoughtful gift for your favorite gardener or chicken keeper too! 

Clothespin Herb Drying Rack

What you Need:

1x2 board cut to 30" long
Wood glue (I like Gorilla Glue)
Paper template of the word "Herbs" (or you can freehand it if you feel comfortable!)
Tracing paper 
Black acrylic paint
8 spring-loaded wooden clothespins
Two finishing nails
Cutting board finish wax


Tape measure

What you Do:

  • With a tape measure, measure 1" from either end of your board and mark the spot with a pencil. 
  • Then make three marks at 3" increments from each end for a total of eight marks.
  • Center your "Herbs" template on the board, and using the tracing paper, trace the word in the center of the board.
  • Paint and let dry.
  • When the paint is dry, glue a clothespin at each pencil mark and let dry completely. 
  • Once the glue is dry, use the hammer and nails to nail your rack to the wall where desired.
  • Go pick some herbs, clip the stems with the clothespins and let the herbs air dry.
  • Once the herbs are dry, if your chickens haven't even them all, crush them with your fingers and store them in an airtight container for later use. 

This project has been excerpted from my book DIY Chicken Keeping, which is packed with 40 more fun and functional projects for every skill level, and available wherever books are sold.

For instructions to make a collapsible tiered herb drying rack, CLICK HERE.

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