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DIY Natural Pine Coop Cleaner

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Most commercial cleaners contain icky chemicals I wouldn't use in my home much less chicken coop! Here's how to make your own pine-scented coop cleaner.

Most commercial cleaners contain all kinds of icky chemicals and ingredients that I wouldn't use in my home much less my chicken coop!

For that reason, I started making my own all natural chicken coop cleaners.

Cleaners such as bleach and ammonia, are not safe to use around chickens or in their coop, but fortunately there are non-toxic cleaners you can use to clean your coop and disinfect your feeders and waterers. 

At the first scent of natural ammonia (released in the chicken manure) in your coop, the bedding should all be raked out and replaced or an ammonia-eliminating product sprinkled on the coop floor.

Between larger cleanings, I like to spray a natural vinegar-based spray in my coop to refresh the air and also to act as a bit of an insect and mouse repellent.

Most bugs and rodents don't enjoy aromatic scents. So while we enjoy them (and the chickens, who don't have such a great sense of smelly anyway, don't seem to mind them), spraying a natural solution such as this can help keep pests at bay while adding a bit of aromatherapy to the coop. 

I love to use plain white vinegar as a base or whichever spray I'm making. It's inexpensive and works well when it comes down to knocking down bacteria and mold.

Some of my favorite scents when it comes to vinegar sprays include my orange peel vanilla, lemon thyme and lavender mint cleaners. 

Now get ready for a pine-scented cleaner, perfect for fall!

Both pine scent and cinnamon can help deter the insects that would love to make your coop their home. Make sure you choose an evergreen variety with a nice piney smell for the most aromatic spray.

DIY Natural Pine Coop Cleaner

What you Need

Evergreen branches
Cinnamon sticks
White vinegar

What you Do | Strip some of the needles from the branches, then crush or chop them to release some of the pine oils. 

Pack a mason jar with the evergreen branches, needles and cinnamon sticks. Fill almost to the top with white vinegar and screw on the lid. Set the jar on the counter and let the contents steep for several weeks to allow the vinegar smell to dissipate. Shake the jar a few times a day.  

The spray is ready to use when the scents of pine and cinnamon waft from the jar when you open it.  Strain the liquid into a spray bottle and spray directly on stubborn spots in the coop or use as an "air freshener" or mix with one part water in a bucket to scrub larger areas.

Also great to use in your home too! 

(this post has been partially excerpted from 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks)

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