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Holiday Spice Gin Chicken Coop Cleaner

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Add some holiday spices to a mason jar of gin for an aromatic, all natural chicken coop cleaner.

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I've been making natural chicken coop cleaners for years using white vinegar and even vodka. But this season, I decided to make a gin-based all natural chicken coop cleaner with all kinds of holiday scents!

A quick walk outside to cut some evergreen boughs, and then I added some red and green to make this cleaner look like Christmas in a jar.

pine boughs covered with snow

A mason jar full of this cleaner tied with a pretty holiday bow would make a nice Christmas gift for your favorite chicken keeper. Don't have chickens? It would make a wonderful kitchen or bathroom cleaner too!

Why Gin? 

All of a sudden I found myself with a few extra bottles of gin - gifts from friends. Gin is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, diuretic and antiseptic primarily due to the juniper berries it's made from. 

Alcohol works as a natural coop cleaner that's far safer for your chickens than using bleach. Bleach and ammonia (which is naturally occurring in chicken manure) mixed together will create toxic fumes - the last thing you want in your coop.

So making your own natural coop cleaner is not only better for the environment and your flock, but it's also economical and smells wonderful! 

cinnamon sticks, lime peels and berries in mason jar

Holiday Spice Gin Coop Cleaner

To make this holiday spiced cleaner, I started with some evergreen that I cut from trees in the yard.

Then I added some holiday spices including cinnamon, star anise and ginger, plus lime for its de-greasing properties and some red berries for not other reason than that they made everything just look like Christmas! 

What you Need:

Pint or quart mason jar


Lime slices

Cinnamon sticks

Star anise

Sliced ginger

Red berries or pink peppercorns


What you Do | Fill a mason jar with evergreens boughs, cinnamon sticks, spices, berries and other holiday-scented ingredients. 

Then fill the mason jar with gin, give it a good shake and let it sit for a couple of days for the scents to steep and mingle.

Use full strength for stubborn spots or dilute in water to scrub coop roosts, floors or walls.

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