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Fresh Eggs Daily Natural Poultry Products


to the Fresh Eggs Daily® line of natural poultry products!

Congratulations! You've made the decision to raise a flock of chickens or ducks - or both! There's no better way to provide your family with a supply of delicious, fresh eggs right from your backyard coop.

Of course you want to keep your flock as happy and healthy as possible, so that means providing them with fresh water, good-quality feed and a safe place to lay their eggs and sleep.
Add to that a few feed supplements, some natural first aid supplies, and premium nesting materials and you've have the happiest, healthiest flock on the block!

FEED: Natural Feed Supplements | 

All natural daily feed supplements for immune, digestive, circulatory and respiratory health for chickens and ducks.

* Brewer's Yeast with Garlic
* Poultry Probiotics
* Organic Coop Kelp
* Flock Flax
* NEW!!!! 4-Product Sampler Pack

NEST: Natural Nesting Materials |

Natural, aromatic materials to build a better nesting area for your laying hens.

* Aspen Nesting Pads
* Coop Confetti Dried Herbs
* Eggcarton Multi-color Pack 
* Nest Eggs (coming soon)
*DE Plus (coming soon)

FIRST AID: Natural First Aid Supplies |

Natural first aid supplies to aid with minor injuries, heat stress, and common respiratory illness.

* First Aid Salve with Rosemary
* Oil of Oregano (coming soon)
* Electrolytes (coming soon)
* First Aid Drops (coming soon)

About Fresh Eggs Daily

For more than a decade, Fresh Eggs Daily®  has been an influential leader in the backyard chicken keeping community, advocating natural methods to keep flocks happy and healthy through speaking engagements, podcasts, books, freelance writing, and TV appearances as well as the blog by the same name. 

After using herbs and other holistic preventives and remedies with her own flock for years and recognizing their effectiveness, founder Lisa Steele worked to develop her own curated line of natural poultry products and launched her first feed supplements in 2018. 

Today she is excited to be able to share her expanded product line with backyard poultry owners across the country.

About Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele is a proud 5th generation chicken keeper living on a small farm in Maine with her husband, their corgi and a mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese. Over the years, she has become the well-respected "face" of the backyard chicken community and dubbed "Queen of the Coop" by the media. 

The author of several popular books on raising backyard flocks, as well as The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook, she has been featured on NPR, Dr. Oz, The View and HGTV, and in Forbes, The New York Times, Country Living magazine and The Farmers Almanac among others. Lisa is also currently the producer and host of Welcome to my Farm on CreateTV.

For better flock health since 2018.

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