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Make a Log Swing for your Chickens

A simple log and some clothes line will make a fun swing for your backyard chickens!

I suppose because I am easily bored, I always worry that our chickens are also bored. 

So I spend an inordinate amount of my day either just hanging out with them, picking weeds or raking piles of leaves or pine needles for them, or coming up with new and different ways to keep them stimulated.

And several years ago, I decided that my chickens would love a swing in their run.

Make a Log Swing for your Chickens

What you Need |

2 foot long log or branch


Drill with large bit


Two caribiners

What you Do |

I headed off to the woods with a saw (I am terrified of chain saws, so it was a manual saw for me!) to find a branch to turn into a swing.

In no time I had found a nice thick branch and I cut off a good length (about 2 feet long) to use for my swing.

Using the biggest drill bit I could find in the garage, I drilled a hole through each end of the log and then threaded a length of clothesline through and knotted the clothesline on the underside to secure it.

I attached a caribineer to the free ends of the clothesline so I could clip the swing to the top of our run and hang it in place.

Then it was time to test the swing out. Charlotte was less than excited about it....

But Violet got her balance right away and settled down to enjoy it. 

This is a great way for the girls to get up out of the mud or snow and off the cold ground in the winter.

It will also hopefully keep them entertained and from getting bored or pecking at each other.

If you liked this fun project, you'll love my book 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks available where ever books are sold! 

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