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DIY Painted Chicken Coop Sign

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This simple DIY chicken coop sign can be made from scrap wood for practically nothing.

I hate to throw anything away, even if it's an old broken fence board. I love this DIY project because you can make the sign any size you want to, paint it any color you want...depending on what you have available.

And it makes a really cute sign for your coop or to advertise your fresh eggs.

This project is so easy, a tutorial isn't even really needed...but here goes!

DIY Painted Chicken Coop Sign

What you Need |

Several boards cut to the same length (I used three pieces of fence board, but you could also use a pallet or other scrap wood, even a piece of plywood)

Two smaller pieces of board cut the width of your finished sign

Wood Screws


Small Paintbrush

Clear polyurethane

What you Do |  Line up your boards the way you want them, then flip them over and screw your two shorter boards to the back to secure your sign boards in place. Paint the front of your sign and let dry - you can use exterior paint, spray paint, whatever you wish. 

Trace or draw freehand your chicken silhouette and any wording you want to use, then paint it in a contrasting color. When completely dry, spray with a coat or two of clear polyurethane to seal. You can just lean your sign as I have done, or affix a picture hanger to the back to hang it.

Cost: $0

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