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Sushi Ball Treats for the Chickens

Several years ago, I took a sushi-making class at the Culinary Institute of Virginia. It was a lot of fun, and since we love sushi, I do make it occasionally at home when I have the time.

So as I was going through the pantry the other day and saw all my sushi stuff tucked into a back corner - the nori sheets, vinegar, rice, etc. - a light bulb went off and I realized that the chickens would REALLY love a sushi treat. And so ... this happened.

The more I thought about it, since I add apple cider vinegar, sea kelp and dried herbs to our chickens' diet already, these sushi treats are really right up their alley. 

I did make some healthy substitutions to the traditional sushi recipe, swapping out the white rice for brown, the rice vinegar for apple cider vinegar, and changing the shape from rolls to balls, incorporating the seaweed into the balls in the form of sea kelp instead of using the nori sheets.

I had some dried flowers in the freezer along with some fresh parsley growing on the windowsill and alfalfa sprouts that I used for edible garnish. They came out so beautiful I was tempted to try one myself! 

What you Need
(makes 9 sushi balls)

2 cups cooked brown rice, cooled
1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 Cup Sea kelp
Various fresh herbs and edible flowers (I used marigold, rose and echinacea petals, parsley, thyme and alfalfa sprouts)
Ice cream scoop (I used the 3 Tablespoon size)

What you Do

Mix the rice, sea kelp and apple cider vinegar until well combined. Using the ice cream scoop, scoop out your balls and arrange them on a plate. Press herbs and flowers into the tops, being as artsy and creative as you feel like being! 

Serve the sushi balls to your girls! I promise you, they will LOVE them!

-mix the ingredients-
-scoop out your sushi balls-
-decorate your sushi ball treats-
-a platter full of tasty goodness-
-the girls were curious about the new treats-
-moving in for a closer look-
-Kate was the first one brave enough to take a bite-
-pretty soon Tessie and Duffy  joined in-
-Violet came over for a closer look-
-soon everyone joined in and the plate was cleaned of every last bite-

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