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Mix your own Custom Chicken Treat Blends

Those of you who read this blog or follow my Facebook page probably know that I love to make all kinds of fun, nutritious treats for my chickens.

One of my favorites to serve is warm oatmeal on a cold winter morning, with seeds, raisins and other yummy add-ins. I don't know if the treat actually warms their bellies, but I feel better serving them a hot meal first thing in the morning - and they sure gobble it up! 

But chickens LOVE all kinds of nuts and seeds as well.  You can mix and match different nuts, seeds and yes, even dried insects, and create your own custom treat mixes.

Fall Molt Buster

Got some molting hens this fall? Why not make up a high-protein mix of mealworms, dried river shrimp and dried grubs to help them regrow nice new feathers? 


Warming Winter Mix

Mix up a high-energy winter bedtime snack of peanut hearts, cracked corn and black oil sunflower seeds to keep your flock warm during those cold winter nights.

Heart Healthy Blend

Boost heart-healthy Omega-3s and -6s in both your chickens and their eggs with this snack blend.

Warm Morning Oatmeal

Jazz up your chickens' morning oatmeal with some dried fruits, seeds and mealworms for a special treat on a cold winter day.

Dried Mealworms

Peanut hearts are a nutritious treat that help give the chickens energy and keep warm in the winter.

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