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DIY Seed Packet Coop Bunting

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It seems that winter has been hanging on much longer than usual this year, so being desperate for some spring cheer, I made this simple DIY Seed Packet Coop Bunting for my chickens. It really brightens up the coop. I love it and I think my girls do too! 

I saw a similar idea in the current issue of Country Living magazine and immediately decided to make a bunting for my chicken coop! All I needed was some pretty seed packets, a long piece of twine or ribbon and some tape.

What you Need

Empty seed packets
Piece of twine
Scotch tape
Two small wall hooks
Ceramic Egg Tray or Egg Carton

What you Do

To make this bunting, you'll need some empty seed packets. I love these from Botanical Interests

They're way too pretty to throw away anyway, so I loved being able to upcycle them and put them to good use.  If you aren't ready to plant quite yet, just empty each packet into a separate section of an egg carton (or ceramic egg tray like I used). Just be sure to label the seeds so you will know what you have at planting time!

Be sure to open each seed packet carefully, unpeeling the back flap and leaving it intact. Then measure out your twine to the length bunting you want to make, and start attaching the packets. 

I just flipped the flap over the twine and taped the packet shut on the back. Then with your scissors, cut a V-shaped notch out of the bottom of each packet.

When you have enough packets to span the length of the twine, tie a loop in each end and suspend your bunting from hooks screwed into your coop wall.

I loved doing this easy project. It's completely nonfunctional, but it's an easy, cute, whimsical (and inexpensive!) way to bring a bit of spring into your coop. Of course if you don't have chickens, it would look cute hanging in your potting shed or home instead!

Seed Packets | Twine | Scotch Tape
Wall Hooks | Scissors | Ceramic Egg Tray

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