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Pumpkin Treats for Chickens

Pumpkins make a nutritious and delicious treat for chickens in the fall!

pumpkin treats for chickens

Whether or not you believe that pumpkins offer natural protection from internal parasites and worms for backyard chickens, they're still a super nutritious, delicious, favorite treat for chickens and ducks this time of year.

So don't toss out those Halloween jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins dotting your front porch, give them to your flock! 

pumpkins and squash

Pumpkin Treats for Chickens

After you're done with your fall holiday decor, feed the pumpkins to your chickens.  I've even been known to ask my neighbors for their pumpkins when they're done with them. 

As long as the pumpkins aren't rotted, your chickens will love them.

chickens eating pumpkin

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Treats for Chickens

Pumpkin is high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, niacin, iron and beta-carotene, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E.

Pumpkins are also high in fiber, and the seeds are high in good fats. Pumpkins also have wonderful anti-oxidant properties.

pumpkins in a field

Pumpkins as a Natural Chicken Wormer

It's the coating on the raw seeds that is supposed to have the ability to paralyze internal worms and parasites, so go ahead and cut the pumpkin in half and let your girls go at it.  They'll happily eat the guts, seeds, flesh and skin.  

They'll eventually eat a whole pumpkin too, happily pecking right through the skin, but if your chickens aren't used to eating pumpkins, cutting them in half at first introduces them to the yummy treat more successfully.

chickens eating pumpkin halves

I like to cut the pumpkins in half, then sprinkle in some chicken feed, maybe a few sunflower seeds, some chopped herbs...

wooden box full of pumpkins

Feeding Pumpkins to Chickens Through the Winter

Whole, uncut pumpkins will keep just fine stored in a cool, dry place for two months or so, or you can cut up and freeze any extras, so you can ration your Halloween decor for your flock through the winter.

Just cut the squash into cubes and freeze them, and then just defrost as much as you want and dole it out to your flock over the course of the winter.

They can eat the pumpkin fresh or frozen (thawed), raw or cooked.

Pumpkin Puree

Save any leftover canned pumpkin puree from making your Thanksgiving pumpkin pies or pumpkin soup. 

Your chickens will love that too! 

egg cracked into bowl

Pumpkin Treats for Bright Orange Yolks

Pumpkins are also one of the foods that give egg yolks a nice, bright orange color

So that's just another added bonus.In addition to the health benefits, enjoying a pumpkin will help relieve winter boredom and keep your chickens busy! 

So share your pumpkins with your chickens this fall!

chicken eating pieces of pumpkins

chickens eating pumpkin pieces

pumpkin treats for chickens

pumpkin treats for chickens

pumpkin treats for chickens

pumpkin treats for chickens

pumpkin treats for chickens

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