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Fresh Eggs Daily® Natural Nesting Supplies

Fresh Eggs Daily® Natural Nesting Supplies to help you create a better nesting and brooding area for your hens leading to cleaner and fewer broken eggs! 
I've been working hard to not only bring back my signature dried nesting box herb mix Coop Confetti® (about time, right!??!?!) but also to develop a new line of nesting products like the ones I have used with my own flock for years in my nesting box area, coop and chick brooder.

Coop Confetti® 

I started tossing fresh herbs in my chickens' nesting boxes more than a decade ago. I noticed how much the chickens loved nibbling on the herbs and edible flowers in my herb garden. I also loved how nice the herbs made my coop smell and how pretty they looked. 

After researching the multiple benefits of various herbs, I came up with a formula of dried herbs that I started selling out of my home office in my Etsy shop. Soon the sales volume outgrew what I could manage to package and ship myself, and I discontinued the product. 

But it's BAAAACK!!!! Finally, the OG, the original dried herb blend for nesting boxes is back and better than ever! 

The large 8-ounce canister is designed to keep your herbs at their freshest and most fragrant to provide your laying hens are relaxing place to lay their eggs. You can also sprinkle Coop Confetti on the coop floor or in the dust bath area. 100% natural, non-toxic and super aromatic.

Aspen Nesting Pads

I started using aspen nesting pads in my chickens' nesting boxes a couple of years ago and LOVED them so much, I decided to team up with the manufacturer to bring them to all of you.  The aspen curls are sourced right here in the United States and help to prevent egg breakage. 

The kraft paper backing helps the pads keep their shape, and prevent the hens from kicking the nesting material out of the boxes, and the whole thing is compostible and biodegradable.  Plus there's no dust.

Mine last for months. I just take them out, shake them out, and put them back in the boxes. They measure about 13" x 13" to fit all standard nesting boxes.  They're also great to use in your chick brooder!

Sold in a pack of 6 with a free sample of Coop Confetti Nesting Herbs.

Wooden Nest Eggs

Fake eggs placed in nests help to encourage new layers to use the nesting boxes by showing them where to lay their eggs. These painted wooden eggs can also help to dissuade and prevent chickens from eating their eggs. 

Sold in boxes of two brown, white or blue eggs.
Coming Soon! 

6-Cell Color Egg Cartons (18 Pack)

And these colorful 6-cell pulp cardboard egg cartons to help showcase all your beautiful fresh eggs! You'll love these biodegradable cartons colored with non-toxic inks in six different colors including pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and lavender.

Sold in a pack of 18 cartons with "date laid" stickers, a mini pencil and egg handling cards to share with your customers.

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