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Abigail's First Photo Shoot: Meet our Olive Egger Chicken

Meet Abigail our three and a half week old Olive Egger.  She's an active, curious peep who will grow up to lay us gorgeous olive green eggs.  You're welcome to join us on her very first photo shoot.

This field of yellow wildflowers in our pasture was just begging to have some photos snapped.  It's a gorgeous spring day, about 75 degrees and sunny with a light breeze....the perfect day for some chick photography.

So I grabbed my camera, a basket from the garage and Abigail out of the brooder, for her first photo shoot. She eagerly hopped onto my hand and I popped her into the basket and headed outside.

She soon decided the view was a lot better if she perched on the edge of the basket. 

We stopped at the fence for a minute so Abigail could get her bearings.  The world is very big for such a small chick!

We finally got to the field of yellow flowers and I set Abigail down.

Chicks are notoriously difficult to photograph as I'm sure you can imagine because they hardly ever stay still, but if you take advantage of their initial trepidation about being in a new environment, you can usually snap a few nice photos.

Making a high-pitched noise usually attracts their attention. 

Once Abigail felt a bit more comfortable, I tried a long shot - putting her in the flowers and moving back - but she just kept running back to the safety...

between my knees!

Deciding it was time to head back, Abigail wanted to sit for a minute up in the weeping willow tree, where she spied her first view of our coop and her future run-mates.

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