Chicken Coop and Run VIDEO Tour!

It's been awhile since I've shared a peek inside my chicken coop and attached run, so I thought I would take you on a video tour today! 

My Chicken Coop

My chicken coop is from Horizon Structures. It's actually a garden shed that they retrofitted for me five years ago when we moved here to Maine. Over the course of the next few years, I've redone pretty much the whole inside, building new roosting bars that are removable and new set of nesting boxes, installing shiplap on the interior walls...

I built and installed a sliding barn door, predator-proof window frames, and a few other features. I put up curtains over the nesting boxes and windows, and installed a little curtain rod and installed draft drapes over the little chicken door.

My coop is 8x10, divided into a sleeping area (here's a pictorial tour of that area) and a storage area (here's a pictoral tour of that area), and currently home to our 17 chickens and 11 ducks. 

Come Take a Coop Tour!

My Chicken Run

We built the chicken run ourselves. It's about 18x40. We used 1/2" and 1" welded wire on the top and sides, and sunk fencing into the ground to prevent digging predators. We secured the fence posts in cement for added stability. 

For those who have asked, we chose Benjamin Moore  Galapagos Green to paint the untreated wood, so it matched the trim on our coop.

Adding some landscaping, a swinging bench, a swing or two, corner perches, a dust bath, a mirror and more helps to keep my chickens and ducks busy when they can't be out free ranging.

Come Take a Run Tour!

I hope you enjoyed the tours! If you are inspired to make some changes or upgrades to your chicken coop or run, my books 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks and DIY Chicken Keeping contain many of the projects you see in the videos. Available wherever books are sold! 


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