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How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

This article covers how much space, feed, water and light backyard chickens really need.

Of course you want your chickens to be as happy as possible and you might wonder exactly how much space they need.

How much space in the coop and run?

How much space to sleep and lay eggs?

And while we're at it, let's talk about how much chickens eat, and drink and how much sunlight they need.

The rules of thumb are just that - rules of thumb - more is always better of course, but here's a handy chart to pin or bookmark listing the essentials your backyard chickens need.

How Much Space Does a Chicken Need?

Coop Floor Space | 2-4 square feet per chicken

Nesting Box Space | One 12" square box for every 3-5 hens

Roosting Bar Space to Sleep at Night | 8" of roost per chicken

Run/Pen Space | Minimum of 10 square feet per chicken

Feed | 1/2 cup per chicken per day

Water | Up to 2 cups per chicken per day

Treats | No more than 1-2 Tablespoons per chicken per day

Hours of Daylight to Lay Eggs | 12-16 hours per day with 16 hours being optimal

Days to Hatch an Egg | 21 days egg to baby chick

If you're thinking of getting started raising a few chickens, or adding to your flock, just give my chart a quick glance so you know if you've got the space you need, or need to make a few modifications to your set-up.

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