Gardening and raising chickens go hand in hand.

Vegetables grown in your backyard are fresher than store bought, free of pesticides and cheaper than buying organic at the supermarket - and the discards, squashed or bug-eaten produce make wonderful healthy treats or your flock.

Cooking and baking with fresh fruits and vegetables only serves to enhance the flavor of your fresh eggs.

Chicken manure and soiled coop bedding make wonderful compost for your garden; and your chickens will help you by spreading the compost, eating garden trimmings after the season is over and ridding your garden of all kinds of bugs, grubs and other pests.

It's a win-win for you both! Here are some of my best articles about gardening  both with (and for) your chickens.

When you plant your vegetable and flower gardens, do so with your feathered friends in mind. There are many edible flowers they will enjoy and that's a small price to pay for the bug and weed control they offer!

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